The first sex related post I wrote for The High Tea Cast was a bit of a shocker. There are some sexual desires that you can’t really talk about with your friends over cocktails so I discussed it on HTC. For me, I’ve never felt like I could talk about double penetration with my friends.

Now, I’m not saying having two cocks at once is my number one fantasy but it does feel like one of those things women should be ashamed to try and discuss. Below is my full post about taking however many orifices you want!

I’d like to think we’re a relatively open nation when it comes to sex. Despite us Brits being labelled as being a bit prude and having a stiff upper lip (oo-er!), I’ve often heard gaggles of women chatting loudly about vibrators and handcuffs over a bottle of wine. Hell, who hasn’t shared their fantasy threesome partners with a friend?
So we go on and on, chatting about our sex lives and indulging in our fantasies with the men and women in our lives. Sex toys, S&M, swinging … it’s all on offer these days in a sexually liberated world where we can just laugh off the odd fanny fart and use a secret word if the spanking becomes too much.

But when I was watching Geordie Shore the other week, the beautiful Charlotte Crosby was plastering on the make-up, fluttering her fake eyelashes and getting ready to get mortal when she came out with the following: “I want to get a penis in every orifice of my body.” She then went on to say she wanted one in her eyes, nose and in between her bits. As you do.
But Charlotte’s crazy craic isn’t my point. My point is, did this shock us? Is double penetration the last taboo?
Porn has shown us some rather disgusting images of stretched holes and exploitation but, if done correctly, double penetration can be an enlightening experience for both men and women (although I don’t speak from experience, here).
Is it wrong for a woman to say she loves cock? Because I know a shit load of women who do! Is it wrong to then say we want two at a time?
Anal sex feels almost common practice with most women admitting they’ve tried it or would like to try it at some point. Done safely, anal sex isn’t any more shocking than any other sexual activity. Hell, I’d even go as far as saying it’s becoming fairly normal and vanilla.
So why can’t us women feel like we can admit that we fancy trying both at a time? Is it the thought of being at mercy of two men? Strangled by the strong feminist views of our mothers, we’re taught to always be in charge and not let a man take over our emotions or body or anything else for that matter. However, sometimes us ladies do want to be taken over.
Fantasy or reality, DP is another sex position that I think most women would like to try in a safe and secure environment. The sad fact is, we’ve been controlled by pornography to think we must have bits resembling cement mixers to do so.
I’m not saying double penetration is everyone’s fantasy, I’m not even saying it’s mine but I do wonder whether we’ll ever break free of some sexual taboos. I feel like double penetration might be one of those matters that we’re too nervous to admit to wanting to try or fantasize about.
As we meet for cocktails and wine and chat about the quickie we had the previous night, I ask you to open up the conversation and just gage the reaction of your peers because if we really do live in a liberated society, surely no lawful sexual fantasy should be frowned upon?


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