Lace me up

Corsets are sexy. Fact. They push up your boobs, reduce your waist and give you such a beautiful silhouette. As a big lover of anything Victorian (especially when it comes to lingerie), I’ve always wanted to wear one but I never have.

I’m a bit kinky in the sense I love being restrained. I love being held down and having that pressure of another person on my body. And that’s what I like about the idea of a corset- the slight pain and pressure of it all. However, being plus size and having big enough boobs as it is, I don’t think I’d want them pushed up any further for fear of having the “shelf” look some women have when wearing cheap corsets. You know what I mean, right? Pushed up so far you could rest your pint on them. Or is that sexy for men?

I don’t like it when big girls hit the town in a corset either. A Saturday night in Nottingham will often contain a woman with a load of back fat hanging over her corset. Not a classy look.

Despite all this, corsets are still so sexy and gorgeous. So I ask, darling readers, where does one go to get a super sexy and flattering corset? Of course, it’ll just be for the boyfriend’s eyes only.


4 responses to “Lace me up

  1. Hips and Curves makes some good plus size lingerie (including corsets). What Katie Did is also a good place for corsets– If you want a really good one, you can get a custom one, but they are rather expensive. I’ve heard Timeless Trends are also quite good. This post from “The Lingerie Addict” lists a bunch of other corset places if you need more suggestions:

  2. The best corsets are custom made and the corsetier should be asking for vertical measurements as well as horizontal ones. An off the rack corset may not only be uncomfortable but also not as flattering. I have some off the rack corsets that reduce my waist so little my waist measurement is the same over the corset as it is without the corset, but my ribs are squished and painful. My custom made corsets however can take my waist down inches and give me killer curves but are still very comfy and don’t squish my ribs. That said, the larger you are the better off the rack corsets seem to fit as there’s more squidge room. The off the rack corsets that squish my ribs give my larger friends a great figure.

    I’ve paid $300-400 for a good custom corset that is underwear only (not decorative) and to be honest if you pay any less than that then I’d start wondering about the quality and just where it’s being made. That one was from C&S constructions who specalise in tight lacing corsets which are made to be worn everyday. I’ve also made my own corsets which end up costing me at least $120 in materials alone. Sometimes more. If you want to go off the rack you can get one from corsets uk whose waist training corsets are strongle built (they’re the ones that squish my ribs I mentioned earlier.) They look pretty and are really cheap– I couldn’t buy the materials for what they sometime charge.

    I’ve also bought a corset from leatherotics. They have a few naughty things on this site, but the corset I bought was semi-custom (you specified the waist hip and bust measurements but no vertical ones so not so good if you’re long or short waisted) and was very reasonably priced. I’ve heard their fabric corsets aren’t near as good as their leather ones, but I’m not sure.

    My dream corset is one from Electra designs, who I’ve brought a corset and corset liners off in the past. She’s not taking orders at the moment however so that will have to wait and I also need to save up some $$ as was I want comes in the $700ish mark

  3. I’m exactly the same in that the idea/look of a corset really appeals to me, but the shelf look doesn’t really do it for me and back boobs don’t really do it for uhm… Anyone. What I do love about corsets however is the shape it gives to an otherwise plus size body. Like a pair of high heels, that instant uncomfortable / restrictedness actually makes me feel, well…. Sexy. It’s all about the different way in which you hold your body and how it makes your whole body move. There’s much more awareness of your hips, ass, boobs… Everything that makes a woman a woman, who is why I think that women back in the day who wore corsets on a daily basis were much more sexy and womanly without being “hoochie”….

    That being said, I’ve only ever bought corset from ye olde Debenhams but I’d love a proper high quality fancy fancy one.

    P.S fricking love this blog – hot! X

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