What Boys See When You’re Naked

Image isn’t me… but she’s got a hot ass!

I am a plus size girl. There’s no doubting I have hips, boobs and a big squishy ass. I’ll never be thin like Millie Mackintosh or Tulisa and I’ll always have cellulite, a tummy and the need to cover up my wobbly arms. Whilst I’d love to drop a few dress sizes and I am doing with the help of healthy eating (but not the help of Starbucks Christmas menu!), I feel like I’m in a great position to hammer home a little home truth.

Men don’t care what you look like in bed. If you’re going down on them or they’re having sex with you, chances are they’ve got too much on their mind to notice. I’m sick and tired of women’s magazines telling us the best position to have sex in if we hate our thighs or dislike our supposed chubby ankles. I do hope most women don’t worry about their body when they’re naked but I know there are a lot that do.

I’ve always been confident with how I looked naked and I’m not sure why. I don’t have the perfect body and I dislike my tummy and the cellulite on my bum- but I don’t care about that and I feel like a goddess when I’m about to ravish my boyfriend!

Now, I’m not a guy so I can’t be 100% sure this is true and I’m sure there are some guys out there with issues who do see your supposed flaws but my boyfriend, ex boyfriends and male friends all agree that when you’re onto a sure thing with a woman, they’re basically seeing tits, ass and a beautiful face.

So beautiful ladies of the blogging world, don’t think about if he’ll notice one boob is slightly bigger than another or whether he’ll notice those stretch marks on your arms. He won’t. Don’t worry about certain sex positions to make your arms look slimmer or which position will burn off the most calories… sex is sex. Confidence is sexy. And men aren’t going to care if you’ve got a weird looking belly button when faced with the possibility of getting laid.



4 responses to “What Boys See When You’re Naked

  1. It’s all true! In the end we’re just grateful that you’re willing to share yourselves with us. Women are beautiful no matter what.

    • Aww, bless you. I’m a person who needs a lot of reassurance in general so this post certainly came from the heart. Much love x

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