How To Send A Sex Text

sex text

OK, so there’s more to this blog post than just sending a sex text. What I do want to discuss is keeping the heat alive when you have to spend time apart.

Let me tell you a little story about my other half. We’ll call him The Hubby (despite the fact we’re not married but very much want to be). The Hubby and I live together in quite a pretty little village but my parents live well over three hours away so, when I want to visit, it means I tend to stay with them for a few days. And being apart from The Hubby and his fit body for a few days? Nightmare! And it’s because of this that we’ve become experts at keeping up our flirtations whilst we’re apart.

I think I can honestly say some of the best sex I’ve ever had is when I’ve returned from a few nights away. What The Hubby and I are great at is getting into each other’s minds. We know what turns each other on, we know the right things to say so, when it comes down to it, it’s electric.

I have several top tips on keeping the heat alive when you’re spending some time apart. Let me know if there’s anything you do when you’re apart from your man.

  • The Humble Sex Text: Yup, we all send them but there’s something even more exciting about sending them when you know you can’t actually do those things you’re talking about for a few more nights. Don’t be afraid to really open up and tell your man what you want to do to him or what you want him to do to you. Hell, tell him what you’re doing to yourself whilst you’re thinking of what he’s doing to himself. What I love doing is sending my man a naughty text when I know he’s in a meeting or at work… just to give him something to think about on the commute home. Just make sure you don’t accidently send a sex text to your mum who is sat downstairs knitting and having a cup of tea (luckily this hasn’t happened to me yet!)
  • The Naughty Picture: See above. But be creative. Forget just a standard shot of your boobs in the mirror, photograph some sexy underwear you’ve bought. I f you’re away with work, send him a picture of your stockings underneath your smart dress or in your heels. With so many iPhone apps now, you can turn a quick snap into something very erotic and beautiful with different photography effects and added extras. Say cheese!
  • The Whispered Phone Calls: Whether you’re in a hotel with your boss in the room next to you or staying with your parents, there’s little opportunity for loud phone sex sessions so we steal a few moments every night when everyone is asleep to ourselves. My favourite trick is to be talking about my day and then just casually slip in what I want him to do to me when I get home.
  • No FaceTime/Skype sex: Apart from the fact it’s basically impossible to do this when I’m sharing a house with my folks and brothers, it’s generally a good idea not to flash your bits over Skype. For me, the anticipation of seeing each other builds even more when we can’t actually see each other.
  • The Romantic Letter: I used to send The Hubby little love notes when we lived apart. The letters were never explicit, more so romantic and sweet but that little bit of soppiness just keeps the bond alive between us. Sadly, considering how slow the bloody Post is, I don’t get the chance to do this any more. But it’s a lovely idea if you can.

 Now all I have to do is wait until I get back to Nottinghamshire on Monday. Is it me or does time go extra slow when you know you’ve got a hot man waiting to ravish you at home?


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