The top 7 people you have to have sex with whilst at university

I started university when I was 20 after two years of industry experience. When I started Uni, I was seeing The Hubby so before I start writing about all the shags you have to have at uni, it’s fair to say I haven’t done them all. I have, however, done a few of them.

The Hubby and I met before I went to uni. After several years of “seeing each other”, we settled down and that’s where we’re at now. But in my first year of university, we were dating and falling in love still so I did end up in the odd fumble with some of the types on this list. Whilst I wouldn’t dream of doing anyone else but The Hubby now (well, apart from Tyson Beckford, David Beckham and a whole bunch of females), I think university should be a time of experimenting and I often wonder what it must be like to be single during your university years.

So with some experience and some “damn, I wish I’d fucked him” regrets, I’ve compiled the top 5 shags you should have during university years.

The Fresher: This seems like an obvious one but it’s obvious for a reason. I wish I’d embraced our Freshers Week more. Whilst my peers were down the SU downing drinks, I was going down on The Hubby back at his place. It was fun but I wish I’d pulled a fellow fresher. Most freshers are around 18/19 and won’t have as much experience as they brag about. Your fresher for the night will probably be a two pump wonder who will leave his soggy condom on the floor but you’re bound to see him again because he’ll turn up wherever you go. After fucking a fresher, you’re bound to see him in lectures, living in the hall next door and turning up on every night out you go on. Good luck!

The Lecturer: This one is one I do have experience of. Not long after I moved to University I met an Australian 30-something who was coming to the end of some research project he was doing at my university. He taught on the campus I was on but a very different course. We met for coffee one afternoon before I took him back to halls and he came within about 30 seconds. I had to walk him through halls hoping no-one in the living room was studying architecture!

The One Night Stand: I’ve had a few in my life, The Lecturer being one of them. If you haven’t had a one night stand before you’ve been to uni, now is the time to do it. I thought I’d feel rotten afterwards but it was actually quite fun. The key thing to remember when having a one night stand is to not get too attached, don’t care if you’re wearing Mickey Mouse printed underwear and just go for it. Ideally you should chuck him out before morning comes.

The One From A Different Country: Ever wanted to know if the Italians really are stallions? Wondered how French women make love? At university you’ll meet a ton of exchange students dying to have some fun away from home.

The One Of The Same Sex: I’m guessing this applies more to females than males but university is a brilliant time to experiment with your sexuality. Take the chance at university to snog a fellow female in a drunken game or use it to hook up with a bi-curious fellow. If you’ve ever been interested in trying something new out, university is probably the best place to do it.

The Fuck Buddy: Probably someone living in halls or someone on your course, the fuck buddy will be a decent replacement for your vibrator. Ideally pick someone you’ve got something in common with and can hang out at the pub with after. Make sure you’re both on an understanding it’s just sex, don’t fall in love and go for it. This is the one you should drunkenly call at 3am and invite over. Never do that to any of the above.

The Boyfriend/Girlfriend: It’s a fact that a lot of people meet their future husband/wife at university. And there’s nothing quite like taking a break from revision for a cuddle and a fuck. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend at uni does have its advantages. I love having someone to share ideas with, someone to bring me hot chocolate and Mini Cheddars when the stress is getting too much and someone to make sure I get home ok after too many wines in the SU. Sure, The Hubby is 41 and finished uni a very long time ago but the theory still stands.

Do you think I’ve covered everything? Or is there a type of person you wish you’d had a sexual experience with at university?


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