Sex O’clock

Did you have some this morning? Maybe a cheeky bit in the afternoon? Or perhaps tonight is the night? I’m talking about sex, of course. And like most things in life, we tend to end up in a routine. Whilst I can never predict how many times a week (or day!) I’ll have sex, I can usually predict the time. So I am asking, do you get it when you want? Or, like me, are you a sexy night owl?


When I first met The Hubby, he told me he loved morning sex, something I didn’t really enjoy that much. It’s sad but I’d rather have perfect blow-dried hair for work than a post orgasm glow. To me, mornings are for running around trying to pull my tights on with a piece of toast in my mouth and a pot of coffee on the go. Mornings aren’t really about getting hot and sticky and swallowing cum. But as with most things, The Hubby changed my mind. These days, I am more than happy to give a quick blow job before I leave for work but I do prefer morning sex at the weekend, that way I can spend ages enjoying my man and not worry about how my hair looks on my commute.


I love afternoon sex. As a freelance writer, social media consultant and student, it’s not that difficult for me to be home in the middle of the day working on a client project or my dissertation. I think afternoon sex is cheeky- you know you should both be working or that other people are sat at their desks working away whilst you get some. However, The Hubby is hardly ever home in the afternoon so that blows that out of the water, so to speak. As for weekends, we often spend the afternoon pottering around and snuggling up in coffee shops and I quite like it like that. Still, I’d have sex in the afternoon every day of the week if it was up to me.


The evenings are where 90% of the bedroom action happens in our house. Maybe I’m wrong but I imagine this is the same for most people? Maybe it’s The Hubby’s long work days and the pure delight he gets from seeing me lounging in my PJs when he arrives home . Or maybe it’s being naked together in bed that does it? I reckon the latter. Evening sex is always amazing, no matter how tired you are. There’s something about the dark, giggling under the covers and knowing you’ve got eight hours ahead of you to relax in whatever way you desire! And a night time shag always helps me sleep really, really well.

Why don’t you mix it up? If you normally enjoy your man in the morning, send him to sleep with a smile on his face. Or perhaps try an afternoon quickie?

When do you prefer to have sex? If you had to pick just morning, noon or night for the rest of your life, which would you choose?


One response to “Sex O’clock

  1. I like afternoon sex, especially if you have plans for that evening, can go out and have a lovely time and then come home and do it all over again. Not a fan of morning sex really, although ocassionally it might just be the wake-up call I need…! xx

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