The future of Sex and Lingerie

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Merry Christmas to you all. As I type this, it’s Boxing Day evening and I am as sober as a judge. Sadly. Any hopes and dreams for a sexy Christmas vanished once my teenage brothers began fighting over who got a go of the PS3 first and which of us was first up for turkey sarnies. No thanks.

In place of the sexy stockings which delighted my weekend, I’m now sat in loungewear and scruffy hair. Thankfully, I’m headed back home on Sunday afternoon so I’m looking forward to seeing the new year out with a bang.

And the new year is exactly what this blog is about. I started Sex and Lingerie towards the end of 2012 as a place to share my columns from The High Tea Cast and my sex toy reviews from Dorkadore but Sex and Lingerie has developed into a writing space in its own right.

I want to focus on the blog more next year, feature more sex toy reviews, more lingerie reviews and more make-up, romance and general sex inspiration. The feedback from the blog has been brilliant and I love the fact people are thankful that I’m honest. Previously, on HTC, I’ve discussed going through early menopause and having sex after menopause so I’m more than happy to write more about that if people want to read about it.



I’d also like to sing the praises of some of the women who have seriously inspired me over this last year, including Lori, Ruby, Cara and Jilly.

So here’s to a seriously sexy 2013. Pull on your stockings, grab the wilting mistletoe and tell me what your sexy new year resolutions are.


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