Preparing for a very sexy anniversary

B is so hot!

B is so hot!

It’s my anniversary with the fella this coming Sunday and, luckily for us, it falls on our first full weekend together since I got back from Christmas.

There’ll be champagne cocktails, my prettiest lingerie and a few lazy mornings in bed discussing that first kiss we shared on our first date.

This weekend is ours. My dissertation can wait (I will regret saying this), the hoovering can be put on hold and our phones can be turned off. This weekend it’s all about stripping down to some hot red underwear and dolling myself up ready for a night on the tiles.

There’s something about our anniversary that always makes me feel so glam, so in the mood and so happy. I’m a very sentimental person so if a man mentions our first date anniversary/our first shag anniversary/the cat’s birthday, I’ll suck cock all night.

This evening will be spent enjoying all the flirtation and sexual tension that’s been building up over the past 24 hours. Tomorrow daytime will be a full day of pampering and beautifying to get ready for the evening- face masks, body lotions, his favourite perfume of mine, red lips… all my man’s favourite things.

I love getting ready for a night out. It turns me on knowing that after several hours of scrubbing, moisturising and nail filing, I’ll be so desired. I think most females will admit that getting ready is a big part of a night out, those few hours where you dance around in your underwear to Beyonce and prepare to snog the night away. I love going out in a slinky dress, pretty jewellery and big hair and knowing that the night won’t end with a kebab on the bus ride home but a good seeing to in the bedroom (or on the kitchen table!)

Our actual anniversary day will be low key.I’ll more than likely wake my man up with a blow job, we’ll have a lazy morning in bed satisfying one another and then we’ll head out for a Sunday roast with the smuggest of smug looks on our faces. I can’t wait!


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