Filthy Passages by Whelky Collins


There are some things in life I will never understand- why people insist on getting on the tube before others get off, taxes, men in leggings and Jake Yapp to name but a few. However, the latter is rather charming, rather handsome (if you squint) and very, very funny.

I came across Jake when he worked on a work project with my boyfriend and spent many a Saturday night both laughing and cringing at Jake’s comedy in equal measures. And now you can do the same! Taking on Fifty Shades of Grey and even giving Fifty Sheds Of Grey a run for its money, Jake has released his own comedy erotica for your giggling pleasure.

Filthy Passages (Where Slap Meets Tickle) is written under the name of Whelky Collins and is described as “An international tale of love, passion and ricked pelvises”. SWIT-SWOO!

Sadly, I can’t do a full review because Jake hasn’t provided me with a press copy. And, to be honest, he probably needs the £2.62 from me to fund his crack vegan cheese habit.

I will be downloading the book right in time for when I jet off to Tokyo in a week and a half; I just hope my lecturer doesn’t ask what’s making me laugh so much, especially when the book includes lines such as: “As he climaxed, Dick experienced unprecedented levels of physical pleasure as she peeled an orange directly into his eye. Pomagne herself bit her tongue clean off, as the crashing waves of passion flooded her, giving her a nosebleed that lasted for six years.”

Hot stuff!

Filthy Passages (Where Slap Meets Tickle) is available as an E-book from Amazon for the sum of £2.62. 


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